The swamp protects its own. Again.

The headlines at CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times all scream the same thing.

They claim the Inspector General's report into the origins of the Trump/Russian collusion investigation found a few errors, but no political bias and found that there was enough evidence to begin an investigation into then-candidate Trump.

Republicans and conservatives say No, the report highlights more than a dozen instances of when someone in the FBI lied or fudged the evidence to spy on the Trump campaign.

But it is crystal clear what this report does not do. It doesn't hold anyone accountable for those errors, or inaccuracies, or those lies.

No one is going to jail, no one will even lose their job.

This is, as the president is so quick to say, the swamp protecting the swamp.

The American people know what went on. They can see the Obama Justice Department clearly bent the rules to spy on a political rival. And they can see that no one will be held accountable.

The problem in the country, the divide, the fight isn't Republican vs. Democrat, it's not conservative vs. progressives. It is big government vs the people.

The IG report is one more example of the government that is clearly against the people.

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