Capitalism works.

If you are reading this on the internet, thank capitalism.

A new poll from Pew says 42 percent of people like socialism. Another 33 percent dislike capitalism.

Many of them are young people, which makes it easier to understand. We live in the greatest era for human success ever. Jobs are plentiful. Technology has shrunk the world and given us the sum-total of human knowledge at our finger tips. In the U.S., we are so successful that our poor die from eating too much.

But young people, particularly Generation Z, have never known the alternative. They never saw the breadlines of communist Europe, or realized that the Soviet Union never made anything the anyone wanted to buy. The never heard the story that Boris Yeltsin realized communism was doomed after one visit to an American grocery store.

We need to explain this to young people. We need to talk with them about how only through capitalism have we conquered poverty and improve the human condition. Yes, the rich are getting richer. But so are the poor. And all of our lives are better because of the surplus from the free market.

Many of the people who like socialism and hate capitalism say the free market is not fair. They want the government to take care of everyone.

We need to explain that the free market is already doing that, and doing it far better and cheaper, than any government ever could.

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