The swamp cannot stand to hear the truth.

President Trump is guilty of one thing.

Not grabbing women by the biscuit, not being a Russian agent, and not being a racist. The president is guilty of telling the truth about the swamp.

President Trump says the things that you are not supposed to say out loud. He calls out the hypocrisy of Washington D.C. He shouts out loud about the circus that is the swamp. And President Trump shows that the legacy media in this country is part of the problem.

The president's people do the same thing.

The latest example, Corey Lewandowski. He made a mockery of the sham hearing that is the Democratic probe into impeachment.

Lewandowski quite simply trolled the trolls.

It is satisfying to watch him frustrate members of Congress, but it is important to to watch him speak truth to the powerful. Lewandowski may be many things, but he is right to show disrespect to the latest anti-Trump spectacle in Washington D.C.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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