Government stupidity.

If we didn't have government stupidity, how much government would we have?

Each day we see more and more examples of a lack of thinking, a lack of common sense, and just general lack of humanity from our government officials and government bureaucracies.

Here are just a few examples.

The TSA is banning Coke bottles from planes because they kinda look like a fictional hand grenade. Again, it's a bottle of Coke. But the TSA says because someone may think it's a fake explosive, it there could be a real threat. The only thing that is real is that the TSA is proving that they are really stupid.

Next up, Bill De Blasio and his decision to make smart kids suffer. De Blasio's School Diversity Advisory Group is suggesting that New York City School end their gifted program. Why? Because there is an achievement gap. De Blasio would rather hold top-performing students back than try and raise-up poor-performing students. All in the name of social justice.

We are sure to see more government stupidity in September. The Democrats who are running for president will get their third chance to promise all sorts of free stuff during their next debate.

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