Let Milwaukee's scooters be for a while.

There is a gut reaction among Democrats and big governmenters to say 'Someone needs to do something.'

We're seeing that with Milwaukee's new scooter program.

The city's mayor says leaders may need to look at new regulations if people can't follow the existing rules.

But if people are ignoring the rules that are already in place, why would they follow new rules?

Instead of trying to plan how people will behave, perhaps Milwaukee should try letting people figure this out on their own.

We tend to figure out how to drive our cars, ride our bikes, and walk from point-A to point-B without a bunch of rules. The same will be the true for the electric scooters.

John Stossel made the same point years ago about the folly of government planning.

Leaders in Milwaukee should watch and listen, and let scooter riders be.

Listen to "Dont so anything about Milwaukee's scooters" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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