Israel denies Omar and Tlaib entry after Trump tweet

The 2020 Democratic wannabes shouldn’t count on recession to beat Trump

Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes

Democratic Dishonesty on Assault-Weapon Bans

Beto O'Rourke Will Campaign In "Places That Donald Trump Has Been Terrorizing"

Trump accuses news media of trying to crash the economy

O’Rourke Announces Support for Federal Confiscation of Assault-Style Weapons

Zogby: ‘Poor performances’ of Democrats boost Trump’s approval to 51%, up with blacks and Hispanics

'Their intent is to hurt Israel': Netanyahu addresses Tlaib and Omar ban

Another Study Confirms Obamacare Is The Unaffordable Care Act

Katie Pavlich says Tlaib and Omar purposely timed Israel trip to cause controversy


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