Media bias is on full display with the asylum coverage.

Controversial is in the eye of the beholder. Or in the eyes of a newswriter.

We are told that school choice is controversial, that abortion restrictions are controversial, and that the Second Amendment is controversial. But they are only controversial to Democrats.

We're seeing the same kind of bias in the coverage of President Trump's asylum change.

The headlines scream that the president is ending asylum claims, hurting migrants, and trying to deny people an opportunity at a better life.

There's no mention of the asylum loophole, or that most people from central America don't qualify for asylum, or that immigration courts are too clogged to process legitimate asylum claims.

We know why this is is happening. The big newsrooms decided back in 2016 that President Trump cannot get a win.

I hate the term fake news. I think it's lazy. But what we are seeing in the coverage of the president's asylum changes is exactly why the phrase exists, and why so many people believe in it.

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