WATCH: Ex-ICE director explodes at Dem Rep who exploits children to score political points

Man Armed with Rifle and Molotov Cocktails Tries to Set Fire to ICE Center in Washington

WATCH—Biden Smirks When Asked to Apologize for 3 Million Deportations Under Obama

AOC Suffers Third Degree Burns Over 90% Of Her Butt After This Encounter With Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan

Accused Child Rapist Arrested at Arizona Border

Trump, the Master Troll, creates problems for Pelosi by supporting her

Sanders skips Netroots as Warren strengthens her hold on progressives

These voters love Trump because he listens

AOC 'squad' revolts: Ayanna Pressley says no more 'black faces that don’t want to be a black voice'

Exclusive poll: AOC defining Dems in swing states


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