Joe Biden has a Joe Biden problem

Joe Biden is in his third race for president.

He ran in 1988, 2008, and now in 2020.

In those first two races Biden was a liberal. Now he's a reactionary.

Joe Biden got blasted during the first top-tier Democratic debate last night.

Kamala Harris attacked Biden for his past stance on race and busing. The crowd cringed when Biden said he didn't want to end private health insurance.

Biden came across as sleepy, old, and out of touch.

But he's mainly just out of touch with the Democratic candidates.

Most people in the U.S. don't want the government take over healthcare, most Americans don't want open borders, and most Americans don't want unlimited abortions.

But the Democratic Party does.

Biden's poor performance is as much about the leftward lurch of the Democratic Party than anything that Uncle Joe did or didn't do. Biden, like many voters, are seeing for the first time that they didn't leave the party, but the party has left them behind.

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