Reparations for all. Reparations for none.

Reparations are a stupid idea. If you need to know why, just click here.

But reparations are also impossible in the United States in 2019.

Reparations are supposed to be payment for the country's past sins. But in reality reparations are about power, politics, and victimhood.

In other words, groups want their reparation so they can feel special.

But if you pay every group of victims, none of them are special.

No one gets to claim their justice if the government is simply handing-out more money.

Democrats will take the money, and Democratic leaders are more than happy to offer it.

But in order to be reparations the payments have to go to one specific group, for one specific sin.

So, very quickly, reparations for all will become reparations for none.

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