Badgers United, against who?

The cost of one year at the University of Wisconsin Madison is enough to buy a brand new SUV. Four years is about half the cost of a house in Wisconsin.

There are some UW donors and political big-shots in the state that want to make it even more expensive.

The new group Badgers United this week announced a plan to support rolling back the university's tuition freeze.

UW managers hate the freeze. They say the tuition freeze is hurting their ability to attract and retain top faculty members.

But no one is stating the obvious: Ending the tuition freeze means higher tuition.

Bud Selig probably isn't worried about a couple extra hundred bucks for his grand kids to go to UW Madison. But what about working families across the state?

What has the UW System done to make college more affordable for Wisconsin families? Don't mention student loans because they are not affordable.

If UW managers want more money, perhaps that should show that they are spending what they have responsibly. Perhaps they should look to save money. Perhaps they should be happy with the four percent raise lawmakers are offering them and the $1 billion for new buildings.

Perhaps they should remember what the UW System is all about.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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