Kamala Harris doesn't understand federalism

Kamala Harris has no problem with California being California.

She welcomes the state's sanctuary policies, its strict environmental laws, and of course California's stance on marijuana.

Harris wants to let her state's voters decide their laws.

The problem is she also wants her state's voters to decide other state's laws as well. Or at least Democratic voters.

Harris this week proposed a scheme to run state-level abortion laws through the United States Department of Justice.

She wants to make sure that states like Alabama, Missouri, and Georgia don't step on her view of Roe v. Wade,

But that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

Harris is missing the key idea of the United States. That California gets to be California, but Alabama also gets to be Alabama.

Listen to "California gets to be California, but Alabama gets to be Alabama" on Spreaker.

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