People like Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton is a harsh woman.

She ran for president in 2016 as 'the most qualified candidate ever,' in part because she could not run as her husband did.

People liked Bill Clinton.

A lot of people like President Trump. A lot of people hate him too. But he is at his core a likable guy.

Joe Biden is another likable fellow.

He's wrong on his position on abortion, on guns, and on international affairs. Biden is seen as creepy, and there are new questions about his family getting rich off of his name.

But people like old Uncle Joe.

Conservative and Republican voters need to remember that ahead of the 2020 election.

Voters don't pick candidates based on policy or to say thank you. Voters choose a candidate based on hope, or fear, or because they like them.

About a third of voters like President Trump. About a third of voters hate him. It's the third in the middle that will decide the 2020 race.

So who do they like?

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