The truth is refreshing to hear

In 2019, you rarely hear the truth.

Many people, and certainly most institutions, are afraid of what happens when you speak the truth.

The truth hurts people's feelings. The truth doesn't take privilege or social justice into consideration. And the truth is not optional.

That's why you don't often hear people speak the truth,

And that's why the Milwaukee Police Department deserves credit for speaking the truth about police chases.

A string of people in Milwaukee have died recently in police chases. There have been wrecks, and one house set on fire.

But Milwaukee Police commanders this week told a (another) Milwaukee radio station that they will not stop chasing suspects who flee.

The official police position is that people who run from the police are breaking the law, and officers will try and arrest the people who break the law.

There's no equivocation. There's no asterisk. There's no accommodation for the 'community.'

There is a cold dose of truth. If you run from the police, the police will run after you.

Listen to "Its refreshing to hear Milwaukee Police speak the truth" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Fox 6

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