Some discrimination is okay

I want to work with people who work well with the team.

Many times being the best fit for the job is more important than simply being the best at the job. (If you've ever worked with a jerk you know what I'm talking about. )

But in 2019 being the right fit seems to mean being part of the right group.

Notre Dame women's basketball coach Muffett McGraw made headlines last week when she said she didn't want to hire men as part of her staff.

She said “When you look at men’s basketball and 99 percent of the jobs go to men, why shouldn’t 100 or 99 percent of the jobs in women’s basketball go to women?”

It's essentially the same that director Jordan Peele said when on the press tour for his new film.

"I don't see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie. Not that I don't like white dudes," Peele said, "I've seen that movie."

Put McGraw or Peele's words in someone else's mouth and image the backlash. If Nick Saban said he wouldn't hire women, or if James Cameron said he wouldn't cast a black lead.

Both McGraw and Peele should hire who they want. It's a free world.

I just want some recognition that some discrimination is okay. And then maybe an explainer as to who we can discriminate against.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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