Where's the good news?

To watch cable news or read the newspapers of record, you'd think we're barely surviving as a nation.

That's not the case, in fact things are pretty good for a whole lot of people.

But you'd never know that.

Most of the big newsrooms in the country refuse to give President Trump any credit for anything.

The latest case and point, unemployment claims are at a nearly 50 year low.

In Wisconsin, unemployment is below three percent. That's getting close to full employment.

This is great news. And it's necessary news.

By ignoring the booming economy the anti-Trump media isn't informing a generation of young workers about the opportunities they can take advantage of. Because most news outlets hate President Trump, millions of young people don't know about the need for teachers, technicians, and advanced manufacturing workers.

That will end up hurting this country.

And all because a handful of national news outlets are still butt hurt that Hillary Clinton isn't president.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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