Tony Evers is doing exactly what he promised to do

Gov. Tony Evers ran for office last year on a promise to raise taxes and spend more.

He called it "investing" in roads and schools. But Evers was clear that he wanted to do more with state government.

So no one should be surprised that the governor's new budget would spend $2 billion more than the state has to spend.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau ran the numbers, and came to the not-so-shocking conclusion that Evers' spending plan is out of balance.

Republicans in Madison are surprised by the scope of just how out of balance Evers' budget, but no one is surprised that the budget itself is off kilter.

Republicans are promising to fight the governor's budget. And they will.

But Gov. Evers is not going to back down. This is just his first budget. There will be another. And if he's re-elected, he'll get two more after that.

And we should take him at his word that he will want to tax more and spend more.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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