Election have consequences

To the victors go the spoils.

Why else would anyone spend nearly $100 million to get a job that pays $146,597?

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is seeing the spoils of his victory now that a judge in Madison has frozen the reforms that Republican lawmakers enacted back in December.

The problem is not that Evers is flexing his muscle as governor. It's that he accused Republicans in Madison of over-stepping their bounds when they flexed their muscle in the final days of the Walker administration.

Evers, and his liberal allies, said Republicans needed to respect the people of Wisconsin.

Now that he is in power, there is no talk of respecting the people who didn't vote for him. There is no talk of respecting for the process.

That's fine. Again, elections have consequences.

But the governor needs to know that if he can use his power as a hammer, then so can Republican lawmakers.

The Assembly and state Senate have a long list of powers that they can use, and the governor needs to expect that lawmakers will use their power against him.

Voters can respect power. Voters understand the bare knuckles aspect of politics. Voters just want someone to be honest with them about it all.

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