Respect the Constitution, keep the Electoral College

The Constitution is a contract that limits government.

The people tell the government what it can do. Not the other way around.

The Constitution is not a permission slip where the government tells people what they are allowed to do.

The modern Democratic left doesn't understand (or can't accept) that.

The Electoral College is designed as a Constitutional protection against the tyranny of large states and/or the federal government.

That's why it is so important.

But because Donald Trump is president, Democrats are ready to shred those protections and Constitution.

Allowing California, New York, Chicago, and maybe Texas to pick the president from here on out does little to support the poor people in smaller, rural states that Democrats have claimed to represent for years.

Do Democrats not remember the 2000 election when Al Gore was expected to lose the popular vote but win the Electoral College? Or what about the early expectation back in 2016 when it looked like President Trump would get more votes than Hillary Clinton.

I'm willing to bet had those two won, the Democrats running for president this time around would be having a very different conversation.

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