The NCAA's hypocrisy will be on full display this week

Two things can be true at the same time: I love watching March Madness, and the NCAA men's basketball tournament is the height of college hypocrisy.

Millions of people will watch the NCAA Tournament this week. Millions more will bet on it.

The NCAA will make $1 billion a year for the broadcast rights. Coaches make millions. Schools make thousands of dollars.

But the players make nothing.

That's not right.

I hear you say 'These kids are getting a free education.' Maybe, and it might not be worth that much.

But no one else on a college campus works for free. And no one else allows a third party (the NCAA) to make so much off their labor.

This is not about fairness. This is not about redistribution of wealth.

NCAA players should be paid for the work they do, the accolades they earn, the money they generate.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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