Tony Evers Uses The Same Pathetic Pothead Talking Points

We've had a lot of requests for the article by Alex Berenson Author,Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. Click here > Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

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Evers had a chance to offer a more responsible plan that he could have gotten GOP buy-in on. Instead he spouted the typical pro-pot bromides and invented fake facts.

Is anyone going to call Gov Evers on the whopper of a lie he told at his press conference? 75- 85% of our state prisoners are not there on drug crimes. That's an insane, made up stat. It's more like 11%, & virtually all of those come with some added element of criminal behavior.

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Less, actually. "The new LFB report shows that nearly eight percent of current inmates had convictions for possession with intent to deliver or manufacturing and delivery."

@newstalk1130 Donny-NW MKE. I work in a factory. IF injured on the job, requiring treatment in an ER, I MUST submit to a drug screen or fired. IF positive & I want to keep my job, I MUST join a program w/constant monitoring. So be near pot smoke is not good for me. NO LEGAL POT.

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Tony has a public education back ground. Why would anyone asume he knows what he's talking about?

Randy FDL-why wouldn't the well known plagiarist just copy other states pot agenda and parrot the wacky tobaccy lobbyists lies?

Jay, I’d find the calls for recreational legalization much more credible if they simply argued it as a personal liberty issue instead of constantly using debunked talking points and hyperbolic commentary about its clinical effectiveness.—Mark

At a time when we have employers digging deep trying to find good employees let's enable employable persons to make themselves less or even unemployable Jeff in Adell Wi

What the hell is goingon in this state! I have a daughter in Colorado, it's a nightmare! Do we need more impaired people on the road, Democrats are nuts! Sick of stupidity, Art

Mike from Pewaukee what a contrast with walker this guy just in office for two month this is all what he has as a governor we will wait and see his sign open for pot

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