Finland basic income 'did not help jobless'

via BBC by Ashitha Nagesh

From January 2017 until December 2018, 2,000 unemployed Finns got a monthly flat payment of €560 (£490; $634).The aim was to see if a guaranteed safety net would help people find jobs, and support them if they had to take insecure gig economy work.While employment levels did not improve, participants said they felt happier and less stressed.When it launched the pilot scheme back in 2017, Finland became the first European country to test out the idea of an unconditional basic income. It was run by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela), a Finnish government agency, and involved 2,000 randomly-selected people on unemployment benefits.It immediately attracted international interest - but these results have now raised questions about the effectiveness of such schemes.

The complete story from the BBC here > Finland basic income trial left people 'happier but jobless'


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