Governor Scott Walker IS the Education Governor

Both overall spending on education and per-pupil spending on education is more today than it was when Gov Walker took over from Jim Doyle.  Wisconsin now spends nearly $600 million more per year on public K-12 education than it did in Jim Doyle’s last year in office.

The 8 Democrats running for Governor and a number of editorial boards are pushing that Governor Walker cannot be pro-education because of Act 10.  He forced teachers to pay for some of their own insurance and pension costs.  He cut State funding...ONCE...during one budget as a way to erase Jim Doyle and the Democrats $3.6 billion dollar budget deficit.


"Since Scott Walker has been our governor, we’ve gone from 50 percent state funding for the" University of Wisconsin System "to 15 percent." ~ Tony Evers

Politfact: Tony Evers' figures are wrong in attack on Scott Walker over state funding of UW System: FALSE

Since Act 10, School Districts Have Saved $3.2 Billion in Benefits Costs  


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