SAS soldier decapitates ISIS thug with SPADE during fierce six-hour gun battle after they were ambushed in Afghanistan

We’re still better off with Trump than Clinton

Trump keeps his promise: Blacks and Hispanics do better with him than Obama

Rush Limbaugh: Memo to the Media: The Real Nutjob Is Not Donald Trump

Stephen Miller Battles CNN's Jake Tapper In Trump Tweet-Approved Interview

No one destroyed Bannon save Bannon himself.

Protesters burn Trump photos in Pakistan as anger grows over Washington’s halt of financial aid

Trump plays hardball: Border wall, more security must be in Dreamers deal

“I apologize:” Woman admits to lying about not getting Red Cross assistance after house fire

Green Bay Packers Milwaukee-area TV ratings down, matching NFL decline

Ex-Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke gets partial win in plane spat lawsuit

ONE MILLION Americans (and counting) will receive tax reform bonuses

Wolff Touts Book ‘Will Finally Bring Down…This Presidency’


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