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Parents outraged by transgender reveal in kindergarten class

CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s Family Were Slave Owners – Owned Michelle Obama’s Relatives!

No, Obamacare's Rising Rates and Evaporating Access Are Not Trump's Fault

Foxconn jobs could begin appearing next year with 3 Wisconsin assembly plants

Wisconsin seeks to tighten job requirements on $3 billion Foxconn deal

Paul Ryan: "Principled Realism" Is The Trump Doctrine

Dems prep for Pence, Kasich, Haley to run in 2020

Donald Trump Decided Not to Lose the War in Afghanistan

Top climate scientist rebuts Al Gore film as ‘bad science’ while ticket sales plummet

“Gotten out of control:” Business owners frustrated over almost daily snatch-and-grab thefts

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Violent’ Antifa movement is ‘trying to tear down America’

Trump aides plot a big immigration deal — that breaks a campaign promise


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