KITSCH, Wisconsin style!

A few days ago, I posted a FABULOUS vintage carp/koi lamp I found on Etsy.  It's something only I can love, apparently!  Something told me I wasn't the only one with nifty, kitschy stuff in my house, so I asked for YOU to share your own Wisconsin KITSCH.  And share you did.  Behold some of the coolest items of kitsch I have seen a long time!  

Sorry, some of these are sideways.  Our formatting is weird.  But people, PLEASE!  This is some seriously OUTSTANDING KITSCH!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who shared a little bit of your home "personality" with me!

Handcarved Rocky and Bullwinkle characters:

I don't know what this is supposed to be, but it's weird and it's AWESOME!

OK, I just WANT this!!!

Kitsch in the car:

This is kind of scary, but also cool:

Ancient kitsch!

What's this?  A 50s era oil rain lamp?  OMG, I WANT one!!!

Cute little kitsch:

Handbag kitsch:


Um...I don't know!

Sweet! Pinball kitsch!

What the?  LOL!

The original "Elf on a shelf"?

GOP kitsch!


NIXON kitsch!

Cheap plastic squirrel kitsch:)

Beer kitsch!

Pink Floyd (sort of!) kitsch:

Ahh, more fish lamp kitsch (love!)

Potty kitsch:)

AM radio kitsch!

Lastly,  more of my very own kitsch:)   


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