US murder map looks a lot like US election map

TODAY, there was a VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE on Zero Hedge citing a shocking statistic that 51% of US murders are committed in 2% of US counties.  Here's the "murder map" from the article.  RED/PINK is where the homicides are; WHITE is considered "safe":  

As I was looking at the map, it looked somehow FAMILIAR!  Take a look at the 2016 US election map, also by COUNTIES!  BLUE is democrat, RED is Republican.  

Looking at these maps, I can't help but ask the question:  why is it that people who live in areas that have high crime also vote for DEMOCRATS?  File this under "Things that Make You Go Hmmm".  

Special note: a GREAT site to bookmark on issues of guns, gun control and crime is John Lott's blog.  


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