Fun in the '60's, bad idea today!

I have many fond memories of my time as a child in Houston back in the 1960's and one of them was the joy of going to the drive in theater with my family.  Unlike most kids, I didn't like sitting in the car to watch the movie, instead I'd go play on the playground they had set up just under the huge screen.  I can still remember many of the movies I watched while swinging or riding on a teeter-totter. "Flipper", "The Amazing Mr. Lipett" "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" (My dad was a science fiction freak!) and many, many others.  Having a playground at a drive in theater in those days made a lot of sense.  Parents weren't nearly as worried about strangers in those days as we are today and it gave energy-filled kids something to do beside jumping around in the car while mom and dad tried to watch the movie.  But THIS idea is terrible!  Installing a playground in an indoor theater? What could possibly go wrong? Instead of just bugging your parents in the privacy of a car, kids will be bugging everyone in the theater!  Playgrounds were made for outside play, not for the confines of an enclosed theater! What do you think? Read the story here!

Classic Drive-In Theatre with cars and  neon sign


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