Astroturf outrage over uncontroversial pipeline

WISC, Channel 3000 reports on weekend protests over a possible expansion of the Enbridge Pipeline in WI:

What they don't mention is that the principles involved in this protest are bought-and-paid for by the deep-pocketed leftwing enviro/political group Sierra Club:  

The young woman who spoke near the end of the news story, Cassie Steiner, says she is with the "WI Youth Network".  That’s Sierra Club's group to mobilize kids against using fossil fuels.  They had a Go Fund Me page last year to raise money for college kids to attend the “Power Shift 2016” conference on “climate justice.  ” Their goal was to raise $1,000 to send some kids.  They only raised $555

 What she didn’t mention on camera is that she is actually the PR and Outreach Associate for the Sierra Club chapter in Wisconsin.  You can see that she used her Sierra Club title when she spoke at the Power Shift 2016 conference.  Her LinkedIn page also lists her employment as the WI Chapter of the Sierra Club, and notes that she graduated from UW Whitewater in 2015.

 She put out a media advisory last week for their anti-Enbridge march in Whitewater over the weekend, and I found it odd that she is using a UW email account to take media inquiries when she is a paid organizer for the Sierra Club.

Here is another anti-Enbridge rally she held in April of 2015 – note again the use of UW email…  For this same event, she also put together a Facebook event titled “Enbridge Tar Sands Resistance Tour” that also used a UW email account.  The "tar sands resistance" is another project of the Sierra Club. 


Here is a Capitol rally that she organized against Enbridge in December of 2014 was with another affiliated leftwing political group, the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice:


So she has been holding anti-Enbridge rallies that we know in 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017.  Hmm, it’s almost like someone is paying her to do that! 

Question: is she using a UW email address to hide the fact that she is actually a paid staffer for the Sierra Club?  Or is UW Whitewater somehow assisting this effort?  If she is no longer a student, why does she have an active UW email account?  And why does the WISC story NOT mention that she is a paid-for political organizer for a notorious leftwing enviro/political group, The Sierra Club? 


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