Zak Rogers and I hosted a morning show on New Rock 92.1 WMAD WAY BACK IN THE DAY!  He just sent me some old publicity shots we took for our show.  

Interesting fact about Zak...he is a Navy veteran who served as a corpsman in the Middle East during the first Gulf War.  On 9/11, we were broadcasting of course.  When the first plane hit, Zak said on air (within a couple of minutes of the first attack) "that's Osama Bin Laden".  I recall saying something like "No, we don't know what happened yet.  We have to wait and see, it could just be a small plane veering off course".  Zak insisted on air it was Osama, and of course, he was right.  He recognized the tactic, and knew well of the threat of Islamic terrorism.   I believe (though I have no way of proving) that Zak Rogers was the first person in America to identify Al Qaeda and Osama as the culprits.  

Anyway, I love the guy and miss him a was such fun hosting a show with him!  Here are some VERY old pics:  We were so young, and not a care in the world:)


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