Trump: Media Has Their Agenda, And Their Agenda Is Not Your Agenda; "Fake News" Will Not Get Away With It

Trump: The Obama EPA was 'clogging up the veins of our country', Pruitt will fix that

McCain: Trump's Attitude Towards Press Is "How Dictators Get Started"

FEC Democrat to depart, giving Trump a chance to add a conservative: Report

Covering Trump: A disaster a day, inflated as necessary: Kevin O'Brien

Where was McCain when Obama attacked the free press

Wallace to Priebus: Obama Complained About Fox News, But He Never Said We Were "Enemy"

Rush Limbaugh: The Media Did Not Make Donald Trump, They Can't Destroy Him

Schumer is a hypocrite to call for Flynn investigation, give Clinton a pass

Trump called the press ‘the enemy.’ Reince Priebus says he meant it.


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