France puts the Eiffel Tower behind an 8ft-high glass wall to protect the monument from terrorists following attack at the Louvre

 Alleged gang rape shown on Facebook shocks Sweden

Scott Walker's budget could pull funding from politically active UW student groups

Dershowitz: Trump Will Likely Win Travel Ban Case At Supreme Court

Dems Call for Their Party’s Autopsy--But Won’t Admit the Patient Is Dead

Sen. Blumenthal: "We Are Careening Towards A Constitutional Crisis"

McConnell: Gorsuch Ought To Be Treated The Way Nominees Are Usually Treated

Judge Napolitano on Trump: "Presidents Have Been Criticizing Courts For 230 Years"

Democratic division simmers at feel-good retreat

Trump administration strips down Obamacare website

Eric Holder’s law firm paid $25K a month by California taxpayers to fight Trump policies: Report

77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Court Ruling Was ‘Intellectually Dishonest Piece of Work’

“It’s really unfortunate:” MPS principal accused of intimidating victim/witness in sex assault case

Milwaukee Public Schools considering uniform policy

Levin: 9th Circuit anti-Trump ruling is by a 'bunch of clowns in black robes'

German police report claims migrants twice as likely to commit crimes as average citizen


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