We don’t need another Fourth of July like we saw this weekend

For every flag waving, firework liking, brat eating and beer drinking red-blooded American I saw this past weekend, I read just as many pieces about slavery, the lack of freedom, and how America should not be celebrated. 

The new hotness this Fourth of July was to run America down. 

It’s not new, the Left has been preaching the hatred of America for years. But he, as the radicals grow stronger and are enabled by the media, the anti-Americanism of the Fourth of July was even more prominent. 

Take this piece from the Grio. Found through Real Clear Politics:

F**k the Fourth of July. In a world where we officially recognize Juneteenth, that great new holiday sits on the calendar casting a long shadow over Independence Day, making it look like a hypocrite and a damn fool.

Independence for who? It wasn’t independence for Black people, for our ancestors, so why would we celebrate the Fourth of July? And it isn’t merely that Americans owned slaves at the time when America became independent, it’s that slavery was completely wrapped up in the movement to become independent.

America has never been the land of liberty and justice for all; those words have never meant anything to Black people, but we have fought to make America more American — more free and more just. We are critical to America moving closer to living up to its promise. We are critical to America. But it’s still f**k Fourth of July for me.

This all started with the disastrous 1619 Project, that while thoroughly debunked, has been co-opted into our schools and national consciousness. 

America is not perfect. But no nation is. America was founded on the idea that all men are created equal, but allowed for slavery. 

But America also fought a Civil War to end slavery, and fought a civil rights campaign for years to make sure we are all treated equally. 

Very few nations can say the same thing. 

But hating the United States has become cool again for the Left. And because of the cowardice of the media, there is no one pushing back.

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