The Left’s demand to include all women is hurting women

Ladies are once again getting the short end of the stick. 

After years of feminism (both good and bad), and years of telling our daughters that they can do anything they set their minds to, women are once again being told to sit down and shut-up. 

It’s not knuckle-dragging Alabama man that is telling women to shut their pretty little mouths, it’s the modern Left. 

The new demand to respect ‘all women,’ means that women are losing-out. 

Jared Eckert has a piece at The Daily Signal: Biden Administration Undermines Women’s Equality Under Title IX

He writes: 

Today, Americans celebrate Title IX’s 49th anniversary. Title IX created equality and opportunity for women in educational institutions that receive federal funding by requiring equal treatment of the sexes. This applied to all education programs and activities, including athletics.

Because of Title IX, women’s athletics programs were required to have equal resources for facilities, training, recruitment, and scholarships. As a result, women’s participation in sports exploded. Since 1972, the number of high school female athletes has grown from 295,000 to 2.6 million, and the number of female college athletes has quintupled. Title IX is also credited to have decreased dropout rates and increased the number of women who pursued higher education. 

Reinterpreting Title IX’s prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex to include gender identity will result in the loss of the hard-won equality, safety, and opportunity for girls and women in school athletics. A recent British Journal of Medicine study shows that trans-identifying biological males retain competitive advantage over females even after two years of taking estrogen.

Don’t believe it? Currently, nearly 300 U.S. high school boys can beat Allyson Felix in the 400-meter sprint. Felix is the most decorated athlete in World Athletics Championships history and a six-time Olympic gold medalist.

Trans-identifying biological males dominate girls sports and take away opportunities created for hardworking female athletes.

He goes on with case, after case. But he ends with this.

Amendments like Title IX were passed because biological differences matter when it comes to fairness and opportunities in sports. 

Differences matter. Anyone who is honest sees that and admits it. 

This is not some classroom argument. This is not a social science experiment. This is sports. Scholarships, prize money, Olympic gold medals are on the line. 

But because the Left is now run by people who demand all traditions must be destroyed, who demand that their every whim be the law of the land none of that matters. Women are the ones who lose when women who used to be men are allowed to run, lift, or play soccer against them. 

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