America’s fractured culture is encouraging antisemitism

The shift between the old American left and the new Left is best seen in the rise of victimhood. 

The idea of being a victim is now central to everything the Left sees, does, believes, and wants. Nothing is ever your fault, no success is ever your triumph, and there is always a shadowy ‘someone else’ to blame. 

The Left views the world as victim and victimizer. The focus in this country on race divides along those lines. Blacks are perpetually victims of the white man because of slavery over 150 years ago. Gays are always the victims because of closed minded older folks in the 80s. Asians are the new victims because of something-something Donald Trump. 

The Left’s ideology forces them to embrace victims and demonized victimizers. 

This is why you are seeing such a soft response to the antisemitism of late. 

Israel spent two weeks defending itself from terrorists who want to kill innocent women and children, yet for much of the media and political leaders on the Left, Israel is the bad guy. They are the victimizer. 

Misha Monsoor has a piece at Spiked that calls out the media for demonizing Israel. 

Almost every reporter I see on the news at the moment, either brushes aside or says nothing about the avowed murderous intentions of Hamas and its supporters. That they want to kill Jews, to wipe all Jewish Israelis off the land of Israel, ‘from the river to the sea’, is barely ever mentioned on television. What we do see thrashed out time and again is the mismatch in military strength. Why is it, in effect, that so few Israelis die?

On social media the same comments are made over and over. Israel is behaving like the Nazis. Israel is an apartheid state. Israel (or the Jews) wants to grab all the land in the Middle East. Israel shouldn’t even exist. Delve a bit deeper and you’ll read about organ stealing and the drinking of the blood of Palestinian babies.

What scares me more than anything when I read this stuff is who is writing it. It’s people from my country, the UK, rabidly hating on the Israelis and the Jews in general, with no shame. But then again they are seeing exactly the same news programmes as I am, and reading the same comments on social media as I am, in which one perspective is presented unchallenged.

It’s not just the UK. On American TV the narrative is also reinforced that the Palastinians are the victims, therefore Israel must be the victimizer. 

Bernie Sanders was on CBS’s Face The Nation on Sunday. He was asked about the spike in anti-semetic attacks in recent weeks, including the near riots in New York City. And Sanders, on que, tried to blame Donald Trump. 

Anti-Semitism is rising in America. It's rising all over the world. That is an outrage. And we have got to combat anti-Semitism. We have to combat the increase in hate crimes in this country, against Asians, against African-Americans, against Latinos. So we got a serious problem of a nation which is being increasingly divided, being led by right wing extremists in that direction.

You see, antisemitism is just part of the racism that is baked-into this country. Got it?

I watched the interview, and said out loud, “Where are the mobs of Trump supporters throwing fireworks at Asians in Tennessee?” “Where are the lynch mobs in Missouri who are out killing young black men? “Where is all of this racism that the Left insists is part of America?”

The interviewer didn’t bother to remind Senator Sanders that Palestinians refuse to allow Israel to exist. They are dedicated to erasing the country, and its people off the map. 

There is no moral equivalence between saying the Kung Flu and vowing to kill every Jew in the state of Israel because of some old religious feud. None. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images