Kids in cages

It is amazing how quickly ‘kids in cages’ has fallen out of the vocabulary. 

In just a few years we went from a Nazi-esque nation with concentration camps for kids to a kinder gentler nation trying to help children from central America. 

The big Immigration Lie continued over at Slate.

Pedro Gerson wrote: 

The border is not in crisis. The current increase in unaccompanied children and asylum-seekers on the Southern border, rather, is a continuation of a trend that has gone on for more than half a decade, worsened in this case by a range of factors, most significantly two devastating hurricanes and the COVID-19 pandemic. This has not stopped right-wing politicians and media outlets from using this moment to stoke the fears and racial anxieties that have served them well in the past, putting President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda in even more peril than it already was.

That agenda is understandably popular among many pro-immigrant groups and advocates. After four years of a president who derided, insulted, and marginalized immigrants in discourse and through law and policy, a bill (and the executive orders that preceded it) that is built around the idea that the United States values immigrants feels almost revolutionary.

Those same advocates spent four years crying, literally crying tears, over the treatment of who Gerson calls ‘new Americans.’

Now. Hardly a peep. 

We now have pictures to show while kids may not be in cages, they are not being held in anything remotely popular or pro-immigrant. 

RedState has a write-up on the first pictures from the new border holding facilities. 

This sure looks like kids in cages, though the cages are translucent in this case. Children are piled on top of each other, sleeping on mats on the floor, and clinging to thermal blankets. I can only imagine how loud it must be in that environment as well. There’s nothing humane or comfortable about what is in those photos. None of this should be happening.

These conditions also happen to be worse than anything we saw under Donald Trump. If you’ll recall, his presidency brought a years-long onslaught of “kids in cages” coverage, including Congressional members going to the border to do photoshoots and claiming they were concentration camps. Now that a Democrat is in charge, the narrative gets much more complicated for those same hacks, though.

The pictures are just that. Dozens of kids and teens in what is probably a 20-by-20 square, surrounded by clear shower curtain-eque material, laying under those tinfoil blankets. But they do have a TV and maybe even a Nintendo. 

This is laughable. This is sad. But this shows just how craven the Left really is. They don’t care about these kids, not as human beings. These kids are future voters, or political chips, or another way to blame Donald Trump for something. 

There is a growing crisis at the southern border. It will only get worse, for these kids and for this country. But because CNN and The New York Times have their president in office, there’s nothing to see here. And there certainly aren't kids in cages.

Photo Credit: Getty Images