This is not how racism works

The new racial panic in America this month is missing a few things. 

There are plenty of cases being tossed onto the altar of ‘racism,’ but I’m not sure that the modern hair-on-fire Leftists realize what they are doing. If they do understand what they are doing, then they don’t understand racism. 

Most recently you have the murders of eight women in the Atlanta area. A white guy named Robert Aaron Long shot and killed them on Tuesday. Six of the eight victims are Asian women. -- You can see where this is going. 

CNN has a breaking new page that reported on the history of anti-Asian racism. 

Violence against Asian Americans has been on the rise since the pandemic began, but the community has long faced discrimination in the United States, going back all the way to mid-19th century, when the first Chinese migrants arrived in the country.

And since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Asian Americans have been coughed on, spat on, harassed and attacked. The Atlanta shootings have only highlighted that the community is on edge with their long-lived fears and trauma that goes back centuries.

Not included in that racism-by-association piece is the fact that the women all worked in ‘that kind of ‘ massage parlor. In an older, less PC day they would have been called prostitutes. 

Investigators say Robert Aaron Long killed them because he struggled with sex addiction, and what he called ‘places of temptation.’ Again these were women working in a ‘massage parlor.’ 

He likely killed them for their job, not their race. A job, by the way it appears that Long appears to have visited them at. 

So let’s review. A white guy killed eight sex workers that he frequented, but because some of them are Asian it’s a racist attack. Never mind the other two victims, or the fact that he was fine with their race while they were ‘massaging’ him. 

Here’s the point. There is racism in America. There are some folks who don’t want their kids to date others of another color, there are some people who don’t want someone of another color to move next door, there are institutions that discriminate based on race. But the number of those people are small, and shrinking. (Unless you’re talking about colleges who discriminate against Asians.)

If we in the country make the jump to racism every time, we are going to miss the real instances of racism. In other words, if everything is racist then nothing is racist. 

We need to get back to where we used to be, where color wasn’t a thing. Where we judged people for who they are, not what they look like. The new constant-racists only see color, only see race. You are nothing more than your skin color to them. Which is why they see everyone and everything as racist. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images