There is a reason why young people are okay with violence in the streets

If you read Buzzfeed, you get a sense of what young people in big cities think. And it is not good for the future of America.

A recent piece “Non-Americans On Reddit Are Sharing Their Reactions To Everything Going On In America Right Now, And It's Eye-Opening” talks about foreign impressions of the coronavirus, and the race for president. Spolier Alert, it is all anti-Trump.

But it is the comments that are enlightening.

One commenter said “I'm American. What pisses me off is the hypocrisy. Rich and powerful people get away with anything. We pretend to be democratic and free but we are a dictatorship with a vastly deteriorating economy, shitty education, sexism and racism. I always knew that people here were morons, but I am appalled at how proud they are of their stupidity. I am beyond ashamed to be from here and it is painful to live here.”

Another added, “How do you think we feel living here? It’s a disgrace. We’re not all horrible, stupid people some of us are just trying to do the best we can with the (hand) we’ve been handed.”

One more said, “As a teen in America, I’ve only heard about this once-great country... I’ve never actually gotten to experience it. And it’s sad because growing up we should be looking at our country with pride but instead I’m ashamed to be here and have talked to my parents about moving many times. I just can’t believe how many people don’t care about anyone but themselves and will do anything to start a fight. I wish that America was a place where we could lift each other up instead of try to tear each other down. I hope that I will see it one day.”

That brought responses about the evils of capitalism, and the expected rants about President Trump.

These young people really are embarrassed by America.

And why shouldn’t they be? They;ve been told their whole lives (by school teachers) that America is racist and unfair. They have never had any explain the bounty that is all around them.

Think of this. A generation raised with a smart phone and internet hates capitalism because some people make a lot of money off of the things they themselves willingly buy.

This generation has never known poverty, or disease, or even another way of life other than the utopia that university professors and out-of-work wokesters preach.

The young people live in the greatest time in human history, but because they are not rich and famous at 25 (or 16) they are miserable and angry.

An entire generation is losing out because they live their lives online, where hate and anger are front and center, as opposed to in the real world where kindness and love really are all around.

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