Katie Hill is a victim. Just not how she thinks.

The headlines about California congresswoman Katie Hill scream about victimhood.

She is the victim of a vindictive ex. Hill is the victim of revenge porn. She is the victim of conservative trolls and pseudo-media outlets.

Hill, this week, resigned from Congress amid a growing ethics probe. She admits that she had a relationship with a staffer, which is a clear violation of Congressional rules. And there is ample evidence to back that relationship up.

That's the exact kind of relationship that Hill roared against with her #MeToo allies. Sex between a boss and a worker is an unfair imbalance of power, the woke left says.

But not in Hill's care apparently. I guess the idea of believe all accusers only matters if the accusers have lady parts.

Hill helped create an environment where there is no pause in the rush for judgement. There is no due process. There is nothing but a conviction in the court of public opinion.

She is a victim of that environment.

The lesson here should be that we all need to deal with accusations of impropriety on a case by case basis. Not on a political basis.

But the victimhood mentality of the left in 2019 won't allow for that.

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