This is not a problem for government.

The federal government is supposed to do five things.

Protect the country, deal with foreign governments, set the rules for who gets to come into the country, coin money, and establish a Post Office. That's it.

Someone needs to remind Wisconsin Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of that. Her latest plan for federal action would guarantee that every Packer fan in Wisconsin could see every Packers game.

Some fans, particularly in western Wisconsin, get their TV from Minnesota. That means they will see the Vikings this season.

Baldwin says that's unacceptable.

“Every Packers fan across our state should be able to watch every Packers game,” said Senator Baldwin. “My Go Pack Go Act would give Packers fans in every Wisconsin county the opportunity to receive in-state broadcasts, so they can cheer on our beloved green and gold.”


If you can't catch the Packers game at your house, that is a you problem. Not a me problem., And certainly not a government problem.

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