Summerfest attendance down

MILWAUKEE-The curtain closed on Summerfest's opening weekend Saturday night, Sept. 4.

Fans told FOX6 News there has been a noticeable drop in attendance this year thus far – but they don't seem to mind.

Ask any lover of live music, and they will tell you there are not many music festivals better than the Big Gig.

"The music and just the atmosphere, and I love walking down by the lake," said Cheryl Seamars of Loveland, Florida.

After the entire festival was canceled in 2020, then pushed into fall of 2021, Summerfest is still drawing thousands to the lakefront for shows on nearly a dozen stages. However, the return is not exactly a crescendo for live music.

"Definite decrease in the crowd, no question about it," Pam Masilotti of West Allis said.

story and photo credit: Fox 6 New, Milwaukee

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