That’s $O Money

Need a little Sunday morning pick-me-up? Tune in to WISN-AM 1130 from 11am-noon for a weekly shot of banking entertainment with Jeff McCarthy and Becky Miller. If you don't think banking can be entertaining, you're not listening to the right show! Not only will they share banking tips, tricks, FYIs, FAQs, fun facts, and interesting stats, you'll also get to hear local business partners and non-profit organizations share their origin stories and upcoming events. Looking to volunteer, or find a local beer garden? We've got it all!

Even though Jeff and Becky work at Bank Five Nine, they are not bankers. That's So Money talks about banking topics in a non-judgmental, easy breezy sort of way, putting the fun back into learning!

Missed a Sunday morning show? That's ok! Each show can be found on the iHeart Radio app as a podcast. Simply download the app on your Android or Apple device, and catch up on the fun! Or, you can listen on your computer That's So Money on iHeart Radio

Have a topic you'd like us to discuss? Email Us your thoughts. We look forward to having you as part of our show!

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