Watch Deer Break Into Wisconsin Home After Mistaking X-Mas Decor For Mate

Modern conceptual art deer with shadow in duotone red and blue lights

Photo: Getty Images

A Wisconsin couple recently had an unusual intruder break into their home, according to WYMT News.

About a week ago, the Sujecki family had an unwelcome guest: A fully-grown buck ran through their front door and into their living room, eventually trapping itself upstairs.

“If you tell anybody, nobody can believe that a full-grown deer is trapped upstairs in your house and can’t find its way out,” Sue Sujecki said.

Apparently, the deer ran right past Richard Sujecki and up the stairs. It got scared and trapped itself up there, tearing apart their house, breaking glass and bleeding all over everything while trying to find a way out. It also managed to poke holes in the ceiling with its antlers.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources think the deer might have been drawn to the Sujecki's home because the holiday reindeer outside looked like a nice mate for the buck. The Sujecki's agree.

“This is Dasher and Prancer,” Sue Sujecki said, pointing out her reindeer decorations. “And Prancer had an unwelcomed suitor.”

Not only did the deer not find a mate, but it was also stuck in the home for nearly three hours, going from room to room and looking through every window for a potential escape route. Eventually, the Sujecki's son and the DNR showed up and got the deer to calm down.

“With the help of other officers, we were able to scare it out of the room it was trapped into. And because we had all the other doors closed off, we were able to direct it back down the stairs and back out the front door,” DNR Warden Eric Anderson said.

Watch the video here.

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