This Is Wisconsin's Best Grocery Store

Mother and daughter in grocery store

Photo: Getty Images

Grocery stores are a big part of our weekly routines. Wether you prefer to go shopping at a physical store, or have pre-chosen items delivered to your door, supply and prices will vary depending on where you choose to shop. For example, Trader Joes offers a variety of items from their own brand that you cannot get anywhere else. Some grocery stores are more cost effective, while others proudly offer a greater variety of organic options that are priced higher. From produce to pasta, there is one grocery store in the state that is rated higher than all of the rest.

According to a list compiled by Love Food, the best grocery store in Wisconsin is Woodman's Market. You can find this store in Janesville.

Here is what Love Food had to say about the highest-rated grocery store in the state:

"Founded right here in 1919, when it was merely a grocery stand, Woodman’s Market is still hugely popular today. This store may not have a deli bar or fancy ready meals stocked at many newer grocery stores but that’s all part of its charm. Instead, you’ll find aisle after aisle of fresh produce and groceries at great prices. The Janesville location, which is employee-owned, is the original, the biggest and, for many customers, the best."

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