Obama claim of fake culture wars backfires

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-27-21 8:10am

Man...it is a bad time to have Barrack Obama popping up in Virginia and labeling the fights over the schools teaching critical race theory and covering up for a rapist transgender kid...as nothing more than ‘fake culture wars.’

Wow. Is this backfiring on Terry McAuliffe at the absolute worst time. And Obama said it at a rally for the New Jersey governor, too.

Barack Obama: We Don't Have Time To Waste On These Phony Right Wing Culture Wars

What Barrack Obama and the democrats in these states are trying to do, now, is pretend as if culture wars that they started are now fake issues. Not to be taken seriously. Because they are things that the activist left was forcing onto this country that leaders of the democrat party thought they had support

They overplayed their hand in Loudoun County, Virginia, and elsewhere, where these CRT and ‘forced gender’ controversies have popped up.

Loudoun County, Virginia, has been the epicenter for all of this, in terms of national coverage. All these local school board issues got magnified because there was also an important gubernatorial race going on.

The candidates were drawn into the debate over CRT, curriculum, and whether educators needed to be responsive to parents, or not.

The very question of ‘who runs our schools’ is being re-examined, folks.

It was the left that quietly forced the teaching of a poisonous new form of racism into our schools when no one was looking. It was the left that forced foolish new rules related to ‘transgender’ kids onto those schools, and onto society.

It was the left that had leftist librarians and purchasing boards agreeing to put overtly sexual content into our school libraries, where even small kids had access to the smut.

The left started-all-of these culture wars. And now that their shoving has touched off a wider cultural backlash-

Now Obama wants to pretend as if this is all ‘fake news’: fake controversies that we don’t have time to pay attention to.... because his buddy Joe Biden has everything so screwed up.

And Barry has been out-selling it hard- on the campaign stump.

The problem is- this comes as more state school board associations abandon the national association after it labeled parents domestic terrorists- and boy-

That transgender rapist in Loudoun County? Year. That’s clearly not a fake deal.

At least five states that have broken ties from this -clearly leftist- national school board association.

Again-it’s not a fake controversy or just a ginned-up issue, when an organization like that demands that the justice department and the FBI strip parents of a constitutional right, and Biden’s DOJ quickly agrees to do it.

Then there’s the sexual assault controversy in Loudoun County: Obama’s suggesting that the question of whether biological boys should be allowed into the girl’s bathrooms and shower rooms is a ‘fake controversy’.

Well- Loudoun County schools had a policy that allowed for it-and as a result of that policy- a 15-year-old boy was able to rape at least two female classmates in the school bathrooms-

And neither incident was reported to the public because the board and school officials needed to keep it quiet....as they were implementing their idiotic new bathroom rules.

Only a furious father who attended the school board meetings resulted in the story coming out-and the student being charged.

Earlier in the week- a juvenile court judge looked at the existing evidence and ruled that-yes- this 15-year-old boy committed rape in the school bathroom-as accused.

He will be sentenced on the related crimes in November. And now, Obama and Terry McAuliffe’s efforts to label these ‘fake culture wars’ makes them look like big, heartless, asses.

let’s be clear: it was a boy in a skirt.

It was a biological male who was-clearly-attracted to girls- and had fully functioning male genitalia, as well as the instincts of a sexual predator.

This is-precisely-the sort of instance that those of us who argue against these foolish transgender locker room rules warned against.

Isn’t it?

And during just a few months- this school district had-two-such incidents. Two such crimes committed.And no, I’m not trying to cast a net over all transgender people or gender confused teenagers, but it is what it is.

We warned that some numbers of perverts were going to use these rules as an opportunity to victimize women and girls...and we were shouted down as crazy. As trans-haters.

No. We are thinking, breathing, human beings that have some common sense. That’s how most of us know it is insane to assign bathrooms by ‘gender’ instead of by biological sex.

Anyone can claim they are anything-when it comes to gender. Especially with the way today’s bullying left is defining gender and ‘fluidity’.

They are playing stupid, unserious games with language, and it’s based off a belief that everyone who has a ‘bad feeling’ or feels slighted needs to be validated and pampered to.

No. They don’t.

On some things- they just must deal with it.

The left started these culture wars, and should have to endure the consequences of the battles they started.

story credit: Real Clear Politics
photo credit: Getty Images

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