Forget Build Back Better the left pushes Lower Our Expectations

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-26-21 7:10am

I’m going to take a moment to talk about a few predictions I’ve made- one of which-I don’t believe I made on the air.

Don’t rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes

I swear to you-the minute I saw that headline; I knew that it would backfire on the democrats even though this was clearly an attempt to give them cover on the supply line crisis.

The very suggestion that we all ‘lower our expectations’ instantly provided a theme for the Biden era- and it’s sticking.

I am starting to see the narratives and the memes pop up. We are now in the ‘lower your expectations’ era, my friends, and it could be devastating to the democrats- beyond just two or four years.

And I’m serious about this. Because the last time most of us heard this as a left-wing was during the Jimmy Carter era, when the enlightened left -and president Carter, himself- insisted that we all just needed to accept the shortages, the economic malaise, and the Carter teams screw ups.

Older folks will immediately know what I’m talking about: jimmy Carter and his supporters messaged ‘tough times’ as ‘the new normal’. Just get used to a stagnant economy and no jobs. Because...that’s just the way it is now.

Just get used to energy shortage and lines for gas at the pumps because. This is the new normal now.

What was the democrat’s message in the carter era? It was a version of ‘lower your expectations’, wasn’t it?

What candidate- or political party-runs for office or wins elections by expressly telling the American people that ‘things won’t get better if you elect me’?

What party -or candidate- stays in office, if their message is: this is as good as it’s going to get with us leading you. So stop complaining and ‘take it’?

It didn’t work for the carter era democrats and it’s not going to work for the Biden era democrats. Carter’s failures -coupled with this message- expect less. Expect hardship. - led to twelve years of republican leadership and one of the greatest, most prosperous stretches of time that America has ever seen. Reagan’s leadership led to 20 or 25 years of American prosperity- and it originated with an American public that was so fed up and disgusted with carter and the democrats that they had no choice but to go with the other party. Go with the guy who was exuding optimism and promising new prosperity and who seemed to have a plan to create it.

Holy cow, people. If the best Biden, his party, and his propagandists in the media can do is lecture the country on how we all have to ‘lower our expectations’.....2022 and 24 are going to be a lot easier for our side of the aisle than you can possibly imagine.

Good grief.

I saw that headline and knew: the Biden-loving Washington Post just summed up the Biden era in a bumper sticker theme: lower your expectations. You’d better get used to high prices, and shortages, and open borders, and abandoned Americans, because...this is what America is now.

Sorry. No.

For my second dead-on prediction, i want to quickly take you back a few months, when the news of our supply line shortages and unreasonable price hikes really started to heat up. It was when we were seeing the first stories about how Christmas might be ‘lean’ this year.

I predicted that we would soon start to see stories about how this is actually a good thing: Americans are too driven by consumerism, and having ‘things’, and spending money.

So, this supply line crisis is a positive.

It was the easiest prediction in the world, given how the bulk of the news media is run by leftists and they would have an investment in protecting Joe Biden and the democrats by putting the best possible spin on things.

I even joked that we would start to see stories about ‘gifts you can make for free. Here’s how to make a corn husk doll like the pioneers used to.

Get into quilting and use scraps of old clothes to make a quilt.

Collect the walnuts in your yard and clean them up. They were a common ‘depression era’ gift...etc.

And i was only half-joking. I believe those types of stories are still coming from the lefty media.

But the ‘American’s are piggish consumers’ stories are already hitting their websites.

It’s time for Americans to buy less stuff

This is a lengthy article that then goes into a missive about how we need to break out of this cycle of consumption and retrain ourselves to live eco-friendly, sustainable lives.

And I agree: you people are pigs who need to expect less. Maybe this is the lesson of the Biden era.

I joke, but there are also right-wing conspiracy theories circulating out there about how this supply line problem is all intentional. This is the Biden admin and the activist democrats-intentionally-forcing us to cut back.

You will see that claim, too, from the right.

The consumer economy works because there are needs to be filled-and there are also ‘desires’ to be filled. And it all leads to jobs, employment, and a better life for anyone who participates in it.

If you choose not to work, or to engage in only illegal trades like the drug trade, you are probably going to remain in poverty, yes.

But if you get a job-just about any job-and work hard and work your way up, you will realize a level of comfort that no other economic system has been able to deliver to so many hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

And gee-maybe a poor person picked that carrot that you are buying and his job, along with the two or three people who were paid to transport that carrot here -helped the economy.

But that boat that your middle class or rich neighbor just bought created dozens of jobs. Starting with the miners who mined the metals and materials needed to make it- to the oil workers who pumped the crude to provide the plastics and cloth the machinists who made the parts and assembled the think. To the dealer and the salesman who sells it.

Yes. Affluent consumers are very important to the economy, and their purchases-are not-a negative, as this lefty columnist wants to suggest.

So even their argument about ‘resources’ is sketchy.

Expect to hear a lot about how we need to break the wheel of America’s central organizing principal of thoughtless consumption.

Our founders said freedom from tyranny and human rights gifted by god were the organizing principals of America.

But today’s lefties know better. It’s really ‘thoughtless consumption’.

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story credit: The Washington Post and Vox

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