Gain of function won't take Fauci down, but experiments on puppies could

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-25-21 7:10am

Oh boy.

Now the glorious Dr Fauci is in -real- trouble.

Forget that he and the NIH helped fund the ‘gain of function’ research into bat viruses that unleashed a plague across the globe that has now killed five million people- and lied about it-

Today’s left doesn’t care about that. They want to see our global population reduced, anyway, in the name of global warming.

No. That scandal Anthony Fauci can survive.

But now he’s been linked to the funding of research on animals. And it legitimately sounds like the kind of heartless, inhumane research that gives science a bad name.

NIH funding has been linked to research being done in north Africa -in beagle puppies.

And it sounds particularly inhumane

The white coat waste project is-of course-an animal rights activist group, and so we must be careful about how the research is being characterized. They are-no doubt- putting the worst possible spin and characterization on it.’s hard to imagine what sort of ‘science’ the researchers would be engaging in, with these experiments. It has something to do with sand flies, obviously, but what theory or hypothesis are they testing here?

It sounds like they are testing a drugs’ ability to combat infection...but that requires experiments where little puppies need to be tortured by being repeatedly bitten by insects?

And if the allegations are true-and i say-if-

But if it is true that Fauci’s agency within the NIH was providing this funding, it would be another example of Fauci and the NIH going out of their way to do experiments in other countries that are banned here- as cruel.

After a few months of watching Fauci and his slippery ethical positions...I said.... not to be inflammatory...but.... By way of making an analogy-

Said he reminds me of one of the Nazi doctors, who could find ways to rationalize some of the most brutal experiments ever conducted on humans.

There’s always a way to rationalize it ‘for the good of science’.

So, when ‘gain of function’ research was banned in America under Obama. As too dangerous...we now know that Fauci and the NIH found a way to funnel money -our tax money- to the bat lady in Wuhan to do it...and in doing so...we participated in unleashing a pandemic onto the world.

Now this:this would be a second instance of Fauci and the NIH- sending a huge chunk of taxpayer money ‘off-shore’ so that other people could do research that is considered ethically wrong here.

This is what’s called ‘outsourcing ethics’ in the research game: lets pay to do experiments overseas that are either banned in America or are considered morally wrong here.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is clearly okay with that-given that his fingerprints are on at least two instances now, and that he has repeatedly lied to congress about what the NIH was doing.

And I’m not joking about how, if a scandal is going to finally take down Anthony Fauci, it is far more likely to be this one, than the ‘gain of function’ research the NIH was funding in Wuhan.

And given that Fauci lied to congress several times related to the lab leak investigation, he should already be facing charges for doing so, and should have already been fired by the Biden administration.

I think we can safely say that dr. Fauci would no longer be working in our federal government if trump had won a second term, and all of this had come out.

And I am going to go ahead and presume that Biden and his team won’t do-anything-about this, either.

They have been protecting Anthony Fauci all along, here. There’s no way the MSM will give-any- credence to this ‘torturing puppy’s’ story. Instead, they will ignore it if they can, and if a point comes at which the story gets big enough that the accomplice media outlets will feel the need to address it- you know that they will put all their efforts into defending Fauci.

It just proves how unserious the left is about putting the good of the country over politics. Their political leaders, activists, and most influential media outlets have no interest in giving a nod to reality, if it means they will have to break with their side’s political dogma.

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