Time we all push back to "wokeism"

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-21-21

The best way to protect and preserve America and American values-be they Abe Lincoln’s or Dr Kings-is to fight back. Push back against all of this crybullying crap that the left engages in, that falls under the label of ‘wokeness’.

I’ve explained how this is just a potent form of bullying. I call it cry bullying, because it most often starts with the claim that someone is being victimized. Even if it’s just due to someone else’s opinion.

Someone has become a ‘victim’ of someone else’s hate, or action, or belief, and so, society must change.

And that’s bologna, in and of itself, but then, the scam is-it is the so-called ‘victim’ that really becomes the one who is doing the hurting or the oppressing, isn’t it?

You said or did something that I didn’t like or don’t agree with, and so I must destroy you. Cancel you.‘ out’ you to an entire community of other crybullies who will back me up and help me destroy you.

How is that-at all? -compatible with life in America? And why in the heck should any of us stand for it?

But it is telling that more and more liberals and leftists in good standing are pushing back against the bullying...and taking on this ‘woke jihad’ that the leftist bullies have launched against America.

It is leading to some observers starting to ask the question: have we reached our high-water mark on ‘wokeness’?

My god, I sure hope so.

But- gee- bill Maher is a good litmus test, isn’t he?

He’s a left-wing comedian who has impeccable credentials as a loyal left-wing thinker. And even he is starting to blast cancel culture on his HBO show, and routinely.

Maher is finally pushing back on members of his own side of the aisle who want to destroy careers and erase people and silence entire categories of Americans into silence...just to exert some sort of new brand of totalitarianism onto America.

Some of the Hollywood stars who have engaged in some of this crybullying themselves are starting to say enough...as the bullies come for more and more of them.

This latest attempt to cancel Dave Chappelle has all sorts of actors, writers, artists, and comedians wondering ‘when will the crybullies come for me’?

Dave Chappelle-is not- a conservative. He is not a trump fan. He’s not white. He checks none of the traditional boxes that these bullies were using for ‘cancelation’ during the trump era-

But the woke crowd is after his head, anyway.

More than a few people raised an eyebrow when ‘Mr. Berkley’. Mr. Unwashed liberal Aaron Rodgers criticized the woke culture this week- after he took some heat for saying that he ‘owned’ the bear.

Oh, my god. The echoes of slavery and one human being owning another. Ugh. Awful. Some ninny’s commented.

He was asked about it on the Pat McAfee podcast and said this.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t support cancel culture.

If he wants to be a TV star or a Hollywood exec, he’d better change his tune and fall in line, there.

My first thought is that-that’s probably a shock to his wife, who has been among the group of ‘enlightened’ Hollywood priestesses pushing all sorts of pc nuttiness on us.

I hope he checked with Shay-Leen on that...or she might deny him soap even longer.

(You know he’s taking his showers ‘on the outside’ now...come on. She’s one of these nut-and-twig types that doesn’t believe in soap or showering but does believe in the man-bun and the power of crystals- come on.

Aaron is sneaking his showers when he’s outside the house now).

But seriously- it’s great to see him push back on wokeness. Because there is-no way- that Aaron Rodgers isn’t a California liberal.

Maybe there is hope, yet, that these kook fringe bullies and activists that Pelosi and Obama unleashed and gave all sorts of power to ...can be forced back onto the fringes again.

But it will take the rest of us to fight back-and ‘cancel’ them. Slap back at their overly aggressive bullying any time they feel offended.

This is a group of people that -looks- to be offended. And the rest of us shouldn’t feel the need to play their game.

photo credit: Getty Images

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