Biden’s open borders are insanity

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-20-21

A Texas republican and Biden’s open-borders government now agree that about 100-thousand illegals are heading toward the u-s border from central America.100 thousand.

Additional reports suggest that at least 52 of these people were identified as terrorists as they met Panamanian authorities.

This is rock-solid proof that Biden’s open borders are encouraging more enemies of America to attempt covert crossings into this country.

I have been saying for months- the chance that terrorists are making it over that border and getting into the country to plot the next series of terror attacks on our homelandis virtually100 percent.

It is inevitable that if an American president and his administration were dumb enough to just let anyone and everyone walk into this country, that our terrorist enemies would take advantage of it.

I now see zero chance that Biden’s open borders won’t lead to another wave of terror attacks. Let’s just hope that none of them are akin to 9-11, in terms of scope and scale. I fear one might be.

Because Biden’s open borders are insanity.

Panama has identified 52 terrorists filtering thru their country, and i cannot imagine that they have the best terror database available, either.

This is insane.

Even if we can manage to identify and separate out any terrorists in this group of 100 thousand, it still leads to another 100-thousand illegal aliens pouring into-and being spread across-this country before Christmas!

This is unsustainable. Eventually, the American taxpayer collapses under the weight. And democrats don’t care.

This is what they have wanted for years.

You’ve probably heard the new discovery that the Biden administration is flying thousands of illegal aliens around the country on secret flights -in the middle of the night.

The New York post broke this story, and Jen Psaki and the white house minions didn’t even deny it. Psaki got pissy and tried to suggest that a flight at 2:30 in the morning wasn’t ‘in the middle of the night’.... which it most certainly is.

But she didn’t even deny it. Those being flown to New York are mostly illegal children.

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Yep. And once discovered, Psaki and the Biden team tried to pretend as if these aren’t secret flights.

Of course- the Biden administration knows what they are doing is wrong, and is infuriating to the American people, because they are trying to hide it.

This revelation had Ted Cruz introducing a bill in the senate yesterday that would require HHS to transport thousands of illegals to new holding centers in the most elite communities in the country.

And the bill won’t go anywhere, of course. Schumer would never bring it up for a vote, but as a rhetorical device, it’s brilliant.

Drop ten thousand illegals into Biden’s playground spot, and see how many of Delaware’s rich elites support open borders then.

He also tossed in north hero, Vermont, because it’s where Bernie’s summer home is.

And the left will brush this off as Cruz being a jerk...but...why isn’t this a good and fair point?

Why do the poor and middle-class Americans living in Texas and Arizona and California have to put up with this?

Why are these illegals then flown around the country and dumped into our major cities, which are already struggling with crime, poverty, poor schools, overrun hospitals, etc.?

How or why did that become the fair solution?

And why shouldn’t the nation’s elites-who seem to be the only ones in America supporting open borders-then must deal with them?

Nancy Pelosi has a huge yard in a very rich community in San Francisco. Why shouldn’t they build temporary homes on her lawn...and overwhelm her they do Texas and Arizona border towns?

That is not just Ted Cruz being cute, or being a jerk, depending on which side of the aisle you are. And if the republicans do manage to get back control of the house and senate next fall- McCarthy and McConnell should go ahead and pass this bill and put it on joe Biden’s desk. Make him veto it if they have the numbers to get past the filibuster-

They almost certainly won’t. But then, have the full senate take a vote on it, anyway, and get the democrats on record opposing the idea.

Make them -own-the fact that they are giving this country away to illegal aliens.

Folks, after all of this: after Biden has created de facto open borders. After his administration ordered an end to all deportations. After his administration-last week-ordered and end to all workplace raids. And in making that move ‘legalized’ the employment of illegal foreigners in this country-

After all he has done to placate the America-hating activist left- you probably didn’t hear that they are still angry at him.


So-they got their open borders, but the Biden admin is keeping title 42 in place-simply as a charade. A prop that they can use to pretend to the American people that deportations are still occurring in large numbers-

And their activists are demanding an end to even that. They want -open borders. No hiding it. No excuses.

And so, they are still furious at Biden and his team. And some of you think i am exaggerating when I say today’s lefties are stone cold cry bullies and totalitarians who insist on getting their way-any way they can.

Biden gives them 90 percent open borders and it’s still not good enough. Everyone needs to stay.

And i am sure that last week’s move was meant to placate the activists or get them to relent- but it didn’t.And this was big: this wasn’t just ‘ending workplace raids by ice’ as it was reported.

Ice isn’t performing workplace raids, anyway, under Biden.

No, this was the Biden administration-legalizing- illegal workers in the US.

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