Gallop poll proves Americans want less government and lower taxes

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-15-21 7:10am

When you’ve followed current events closely for as long as I have- you will often hear or see information that you know is wrong.

For example-when every other poll over the last two weeks has put Joe Biden’s approval rating between 38 and 42 percent. I knew CNN’s results this week were obviously wrong. Suddenly, CNN tried to tell us this week, that Joe Biden is back up to 50 percent approval.

Come on.

They shouldn’t even publish the poll. It’s obviously wrong.

I swear to you- I remember this next poll result come out last year, and knowing it was wrong.

I’m not sure if we talked about it on the air or not, but, for years and years...Gallop...has done a survey on whether Americans want ‘more government’ or ‘less government’.

And for as long as I’ve been doing this, I cannot remember a single year in which more Americans wanted ‘more government’ in our lives, rather than less.

We have way, way too many people in this country who-do want- bigger, more intrusive government, but for the decades that i have watched this poll, that number has never been above 50 percent.

Until last year. When gallop claimed 54 percent of Americans want more government, I swear to you- I knew it was wrong.

But- we were still in the age of trump- who was cutting taxes and deregulating and infuriating the lefty media- and so the lefties ran with it.

Americans want big government!!!


This year’s finding- right back where it was, with only 4 in ten Americans saying they want more government, and over 50 percent saying-give us less.

Americans Revert to Favoring Reduced Government Role

That is rock-solid proof that the American people-do not support and do not want Biden and Bernie forcing another 3 to 5-trillion dollars’ worth of govt. spending and big govt. expansions onto us.

And as I say, in the nearly 30 years gallop has been conducting this yearly poll, the results haven’t changed much: it is a standard: the of the American people want lower taxes and less government. Don’t tax us so much and leave us alone.

And notice the percentage of Americans who say they want- higher taxes and more government. Did you catch it?

It’s 19 percent.


We are right back there at the 1-in-5 people in this country who are stone-cold socialists who don’t like America the way it exists today.

For over a decade now, at least, i have been occasionally pointing to that figure. When we analyze polls like this- it’s helpful to keep in mind that there is a hard- nugget. A hard, very far left constituency in this country- that makes up about twenty percent of us. You will see that figure pop up again and again in polls that have to do with politics or government.

A hard, consistent, twenty percent is always dumping on America or going against the rest of us.

But- how do the democrats make an honest case that the American people agree with their bullying effort to ram home Bernie’s spending bill and plant the seeds of socialism. Create several new big-government handouts.

Raise taxes on everyone. Businesses and individuals.

Waste trillions of dollars on government expansion?

They are lying.

And one simple truth is this: if they had the actual support for their proposals as they claim- they’d be able to pass them easily.

If Bernie’s ideas were popular with the people, the democrats would have at least half of the republican caucuses in the house and senate going along with it.

Forget the filibuster- republicans would be leaping to play along and get credit for giving the American people what they want.

Instead- not only are zero republicans cooperating-but the democrats cannot even get a good chunk of their own elected members to pass the Biden/Bernie plan.


Because they know their constituents back home don’t support it.

Again- trust me: if Manchin and Sinema and the handful of liberal democrats in dc who are being difficult and not rolling over to Biden and Bernie....knew this package of policies was popular back home-they’d vote for it.

They aren’t idiots: going along and getting credit for a good idea that the people wanted you to the path of least resistance.You don’t have shrieking activists attacking you everywhere you go...and forming drum circles in front of your house: of course, these democrats would go along with it- if- these ideas were genuinely popular with the American people.

Instead- the democrats’ best efforts to get this done appear to have stalled out this week.

It is Friday-and I have heard of-zero-progress on this reconciliation bill. And politico revealed something Wednesday that explains why Chuck Schumer -after months of trying- turned this entire ball of dung over to Joe Biden.

We’ve been talking about how Manchin and Sinema are dug in against Bernie and the socialists...but politico reported this tidbit: Manchin and Sinema don’t even agree with each other.


It turns out that Sinema is really invested in the green energy stuff, coming from Arizona, and Manchin comes from a coal state, and is deeply opposed, etc. And that’s not the only issue they are clashing on, even as they clash with Bernie.

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